Eriksson Wall

A Better Way to Design Precast Wall Panels.

Eriksson Wall Demo

Key Features

  • Supports solid and insulated walls
  • Overlapping holes and reveals are permitted to create any shape
  • Prestress, mild reinforcement and WWR
  • Single or stacked panels
  • P-Delta and cracked section analyses
  • Stripping and handling checks
  • Dynamic 2D sketches and 3D rendering
  • Graphical results
  • Production information summary
  • User-friendly input and output
  • Technical support provided by structural engineers
Take a guided tour through Eriksson Wall. This 30-minute recorded webinar will give you an overview of the program architecture, walk you through the input, and explain the output options.

Eriksson Wall allows the engineer to quickly analyze and design load-bearing solid or insulated precast concrete wall panels and tied columns. The user can analyze a single panel or multiple, stacked panels. Joint restraints can be either pins or springs. Multiple sketches and 3D views that are updated in real time combine to assist the user in visualizing the panel and eliminate input errors. Input and output are separated into panes that eliminate the need to navigate dialog boxes. Input panes display onscreen as they do in reports to make navigation even easier. Output is shown graphically, allowing the user to rapidly converge on an acceptable reinforcement pattern. The one-page Performance Summary presents a dashboard view of the design for quick review, and a reinforcement sketch is provided for conveying all useful design information to production.